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ISampler Lite is a FREE full function work sampling tool available for iPhone iOS 5 and above.

Comparison between ISampler Lite and ISampler Regular
isampler itunes store isampler itunes store
Random beeps and data entry screen
Ability to study one or more people, processes
Random beeps follow work sampling logic
Instant status report on study any time
Individual study name, dates
Set length of each study
Set start time, end time
Remember and able to display old studies
Manage Template (Add/Edit/Delete)
Manage Activities (Add/Edit/Delete)
Clone Template
Upload/Download Tempalte
Export to CSV/Excel
MTBB (Mean Time Between Beeps) Interval fixed at 90 minutes You can set MTBB value.
Cost FREE $19.95 per phone
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ISampler iPhone App automates all aspects of work sampling.

A new Work Sampling study can be set-up with just a few taps (name of study, time and days, start and end date, activity template, MTBB -Mean Time Between Beeps).

Once a study has started the App causes the iPhone to ring at random intervals (the mean time between rings can be set to suit the study).

An observation recording screen automaticlly opens the template of activity (chosen during set-up) and records the activities for each person in seconds. (you can describe "other" activities by tapping in the name). If many people are being studied, the App will continue to query until all the people's activities have been accounted for.

The App records all activities and displays the number of observations of each activity and percentages. Observer can download data to their desktop in Excel format. Once in Excel the data from multiple observers can be aggregated for larger studies and reports.

    isampler iphone Application
  • Where are the bottlenecks in our system?
  • Every process is built up of sub-processes. These sub-processes are not always synchronized. The slowest processes become bottlenecks and regulate the amount the process can turn out. ISampler can identify the bottlenecks and give you data to help diagnose the extent of the problem.
  • What easy-to-fix things are killing your productivity?

  • Sometimes little things kill productivity. Things like inconveniently located tools, tools with dead batteries, distant printers, lack of nearby computer access, bad layout causing excessive walking, inadequate supplies, even bad lighting. These little things will come up during a study and can be identified by ISampler.
  • Where does the time go?
  • Ever curious where all the time goes? When you use ISampler to evaluate your own time you can see where you get pulled away for your important work. ISampler replaces the need for logs to find out how you spend your time.
  • Did our last improvement work (improve productivity)?
  • Measure a work group before and after a major change to the business process (such as one that would be done during a Lean Manufacturing project). Expect productive time to increase. If not tell management why not.

isampler iphone Application is an iPhone based random observation reporting system based on Work Sampling.

ISampler is simple- Your iPhone beeps, you (the observer) clicks what each member of your target group is doing click enter and go about your business until the next random beep. At the end of the study period the iPhone displays (and can upload) a chart of activities, frequencies and percentages for the study group.

The product follows the statistical reasoning defined through work sampling principles that have been widely used for over 50 years. These principles are behind the scenes on the iPhone and all the observer has to do is set up the study parameters and start observing. This productivity measurement system can be applied to single individuals, work groups, departments, larger units or can be used by consultants. It can also simplify product and quality sampling.

In business to be a success:

To be successful in business you need a great product that people want. Then you need a business process to produce that product. The business process has to reliably produce the product at an appropriate quality and do it at a cost that allows a profit.

When the product is new, getting the business process stable is the big challenge. After production settles and the process stabilizes the challenge is to eliminate waste.

Optimize business process

Optimize means no waste, no wasted time, no wasted materials. Every action taken adds value to the product and every action is designed to be easy, efficient and fool-proof.

When the value stream consists of only activities that add value and activities shown to be essential the process is Lean. The process of Lean is really never ending.

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