ISampler Quick start instructions

Work Sampling originated over 70 years ago within the industrial engineering and management fields. Later on, the method was extended to health care industry and other areas, being today one of the most appreciated work measurement methodologies.

How to set-up a new study

  1. Name the study
  2. Pick the start and end date for the study -or- skip for default.
  3. Pick the range of time of day, pick the days of the week you want to study -or- skip for default
  4. Set the minimum and maximum number of minutes between beeps (default 15, 180) and the MTBB (Mean Time Between Beeps -90 minutes is default).
  5. Pick a template that suits your activity or make up your own custom one.
  6. Insert number of people being observed
Details of conducting the study

The iPhone beeps randomly during the period of the study- during the days, between the dates and between working hours set at the beginning of the study.

The iPhone has an adjustable random time based on the number of minutes between beeps. When the phone beeps the observer unlocks the phone and taps an activity that they were doing at the time of the beep from the screen of possible activities.

If the activity they are doing is not on the template they can tap "other" and spell out an activity manually.


Templates are supplied within the App for 5 common work sampling situations (medical, maintenance, warehouse, office, production). You can modify any template and save it or you can clone a template and make several related templates.

The observer can also design new templates from scratch, name them, store them and recall them for a study.

For higher level analysis each activity has a super-category of direct and in-direct.

You can check how the study is going at any time by going to Report menu

Example for Maintenance Template with activity and category

Activity Category
Working with tools Direct
Removing or replacing parts or materialsDirect
Receiving instructionsIndirect
Obtaining tools, parts, and materialsIndirect
Travel to and from job sitesIndirect
Coordinating DelaysIndirect
Idle at job siteIndirect
Late starts and early quitsIndirect
Authorized breaks and reliefIndirect
Excessive personal timeIndirect
Other direct workDirect
Other indirect workIndirect
Example for Warehouse template
Activity Work Category
Load/Unload truckDirect
Testing & InspectionDirect
Other direct workDirect
Walk/check materialsIndirect
Clean - upIndirect
Drive/walk emptyIndirect
Waiting timeIndirect
Scheduled BreakIndirect
Personal TimeIndirect
Other indirect workIndirect