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Instructions for work sampling game

Basic set-up

You are in an automobile repair garage trying to determine the productivity of the whole crew. The premise of work sampling is that many aspects of productivity are not personnal. Some aspects are dependant on the physical space, procedures, distances and tooling.
The goal of the game is to beat the computer in random observations and to learn the elements of work sampling.


In the scene there are about 10 very simple avatars doing clear activities done in a repair garage. The avatars move around randomly from one activity to other activities -it is like you are watching a movie of a real shop. Sometimes some random number of avatars moves off screen. At random intervals a bell dings and the player hits the space bar. The space bar instantly stops all action.

At the bottom of the screen a form comes up. You look at the avatars and count the number doing each activity and fill out the form. Behind the scenes the system counts what all the avatars are doing when the space bar is tapped and records the activities. There are different scenes so the player has to look all around to see all the workers.

You can play as long as you like. When you want to stop, they hit the space bar twice and a screen comes up:


The screen has the number and percentage of each activity for both you and for the computer. The screen also does the math for confidence, accuracy, and number of observations. You win if you get close to the computer's scores.

Game is over, all registers are zeroed. If you run the game again it will be different since the random numbers driving the action are different.

Auto repair shop possible activities

Working with tools on carAvatar would be fixing a car perhaps on a lift
PaperworkAvatar is in front of a screen entering data could be a standing up desk in the shop.
Obtaining tools, parts at the parts windowStanding at the parts window getting parts
Travel to and from work areaWalking with or without the parts to the bay where the car is. Also could be an avatar searching for something like a special tool
Waiting for resourceWaiting for a drain to change the oil being used in another bay
MIAMissing in action. Avatar is off the screen
BreaksAvatar is in a break area eating
Talking and personal timeAvatars randomly meet and talk. Can be 2, 3, 4 or more avatars randomly selected

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