Work Sample Study types that can be done byISampler

Work sampling is flexible This flexibility is magnified by the advantage of the low cost of sustaining the study for
longer period of times. The random observations over longer periods capture the full range of work activities.
Work sampling studies can be performed at two levels:
Individual level-Personal: The individual studies themselves to get a picture of how they spend their time. They use the picture to improve their own productivity. This approach is usually initiated by the subject himself either by themselves or along with others studing themselves too. The objective is to understand personal productivity and how they actually spend their time. Corporations can turn to this type of evaluation while studying machines or contiguous processes.

Team or Group level: the object of the study is to see how the time is spent in a workgroup or department. While the analysis is carried out by an observer the team should be told about the study. All members of the group should be involved in the study and be very clearly told that the measurement is being done to improve the business process. No data will be collected or stored by individual.